Very large comprehensive page of 3D links - 3D Links

One of the Best 3D sites, with FREE tutorials & plugins - HighEnd 3D

FREE essential Maya plugins & mel scripts - Lightstorm 3D

FREE video tutorials for beginners/intermediates - Digital-Tutors

On-line video courses in Maya - The Gnome Workshop

General info about modeling a Head - Human Head

A good poly head tutorial - The Hobbit Guy

Lip sync tutorials - Comet-Cartoons

A bunch of 3D tutorials - Web Reference

The makers of Maya - Alias/Wavefront

Softimage tutorials - Ed Harriss

Maya resource - MayaRing

A Good tutorial site - 3D Buzz

A Good 3D resource - 3D Total

Another 3D resource - 3D Gate

Yet another 3D resource - 3D Cave

Yet another 3D resource - Flay

And another 3D resource - 3Dup

One more 3D resource - Happy 3D

Animation site - 10 Second Club

Big gallery of 3D artists - 3D Luvr

Free textures - French Textures

More free textures - 3D Texture World

3D job listings -  The 3D Jobs

3D job finder - Instant Studio

3D job finder for the game industry - V Search

Info on the 3D industry - The Scratch Post

Computer Graphics World Magazine - CGW.com

Multimedia supplies for your demo reel - Tapeonline

More supplies for your demo reel - High-TechProductions

3D Artists usersgroup - CG Talk

Another Good 3D Artists usersgroup - Inside CG

One more 3D artists usersgroup/Jobs - 3D Artists - Raph

One of my favorite Motion Graphics/Animation studios - EyeBall NYC

Millennium 3D Textures, models,tutorials and lots of other free stuff.- Millennium 3D


Thumbnail links to sites with the top web designs - BestDesigns

An even better page ofl links to top web designs - CoolHomePages

Resource for web design - Lynda Wienmen

All kinds of tutorials for all programs - TutorGig

Really nice flash design - Turbonium

Lee Boot's film in progress - Making Euphoria

Extensive Flash resource - Flash Kit

UMBC Visual Arts Council - UMBC

Animation World Magazine - AWN.com

Animation Magazine - animationmagazine

Large collection of films online - Atom Films

Large collection of films online - iFilms


Lots of free downloads - Downloads.com

The BEST Mac Downloads site - Mac Update

Downloads for OS X - Apple

Tons of free custom icons for OS X - Xicons

links to free stuff, like counters and more - The Free site

More free icons for all platforms - Icon Factory

Lots of free stuff for Mac - ResExcellence

More mac stuff - Aqua Files

Educational software - Creation Engine

Educational software - Journey Ed

Get a Domain Name for only $9 a year - Star Gate Inc

Get a Host w/ 333 MB & Domain Name for $5 a month - Icd Soft


Review music and download free MP3s -  Garage Band

Independent label music storeCD Baby

University of Maryland Baltimore County - UMBC

Make Your own Rock Band - Rock Starter

Ebay - where you can buy anything!Ebay

Tool's official webpage - ToolBand

Used CDs and DVDs - Second Spin

Find the cheapest prices - Price Grabber

One of the best news sites - MSNBC

Find things to do and places to go - Trip Advisor

Get directions and an aerial photo of anywhere - Map Quest

If you like music - Mtv


Jewish online music store - Mostly Music

Major publisher of Jewish booksArtscroll

Webcam of the Western Wall - Kotel Cam

Good band - Reva l' Sheva

Geat band! -site designed by me - Blue Fringe

Breslov Chasidim Website - Na Nach Nachma...

Jerusalem Post online - Jpost.com

Artutz Sheva News - Israel National News

Israeli Defence Force- IDF

Jewish online resource - Jewish Street

Jewish online resource - HaReshima

Jewish internet radio station - Five Towns Radio